Eco-Hero Awards Application

Applications for 2019 are now CLOSED. For details about the award process, visit the How To Apply page. Applicants must be age 8 - 16.  They must be no more than 16 years of age on February 28, 2019. Only applications in English are accepted.

First & Last Name *
First & Last Name
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Date of Birth
(For your project, if any)
Please be specific, copy and paste the website, if applicable.
Use numbers (quantify) where possible, e.g., give the number of people attending an event you might have organized.
(talks, presentations, news articles, etc.)
These could include newspaper clippings (include name, date and page number of publication), certificates of recognition, photographs, websites, etc. Please try to limit attachments to no more than 10 pages.
*** Please email all supporting materials to with subject line: "2019 [your full name]" ***
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Today's Date
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Name of Parent/Guardian
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Parent/Guardian Phone

If you have any difficulty with the application please contact us at