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Help kids save the world! For 14 years, Action for Nature has been honoring Eco-Heroes: 8-16 year olds who have completed a substantial project to help sustain our planet. Eco-Heroes have gone onto work as ambassadors for the UN, save cheetahs in Namibia, and work for Google while creating partnerships between China and the United States. Eco-Heroes are often creating connections between ecosystems and humans, making the world a more livable, breathable, and healthier place.


Every year since 2003, ACTION FOR NATURE has sought to recognize and reward young people who are taking action to solve the world’s tough environmental problems.

Youth from countries around the globe send in their stories and explain their work. Then a panel of judges including experts in environmental science, biology and education determines the year’s top achievers. Each ECO-HERO AWARD WINNER receives a cash prize, a certificate of achievement and other benefits. 


From John (Jack) Muir Laws' exuberant encouragement that we take an "ecologists" eye view of our connection with our possessions, coming out of our boxes (or cubicles) to find the connections between ourselves and others, the things we surround ourselves with, and our environment – to Ryan's discovery that he can help prevent plastic bags from choking sharks – this year's Eco-Hero Awards Ceremony was about relationships between people, creatures, and our environment – and between the Eco-Heroes themselves! See our full gallery HERE!


Each action taken to create a healthier environment is an act of bravery — especially for young kids. Our International Young Eco- Heroes inspire us here at Action for Nature because they started with one courageous action — in Sonali’s case, taking up her parent’s challenge of spending $100 not on herself, but on recycling to create a fund for kids who need dental surgery ... READ MORE



Eco-Hero Olivia's family in Florida was threatened by Hurricane Matthew this year.  Ironically, it was the outreach of volunteers during her family's re-building after Hurricane Katrina that inspired her to give back at start her own nonprofit, "Save The Earth Project" (STEP).

VISIT HER SITE to learn more!

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Photo: Gabriela of Puerto Rico teaching students about local bird life.

Our International Young Eco-Heroes Awards program recognizes children and teens who have completed a personal action project.

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Photo: teacher with students learning about the natural world

Action For Nature provides resources for parents and teachers of ecologically-minded students who want to make a difference.

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