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2018 Eco-Hero Award Winners

We are proud to celebrate 15 years of presenting our International Young Eco-Hero Awards and announce the 2018 winners: A Canadian teen’s polluted river activism resulted in a $15M local government appropriation; 60K school kids in Oregon are learning about climate change; Elephants, rhinos, tigers, boas and blue-footed boobies are receiving awareness through art and activism in Sri Lanka, the UAE, South Africa, and Puerto Rico; waste is being recycled in Colombia and Peru, and composted in Ukraine. READ MORE.

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Help kids save the planet! For 15 years, Action for Nature has been honoring Eco-Heroes: 8-16 year olds who have completed a substantial project to help sustain our planet. Eco-Heroes have gone onto work as ambassadors for the UN, save cheetahs in Namibia, and work for Google while creating partnerships between China and the United States. Eco-Heroes are often creating connections between ecosystems and humans, making the world a more livable, breathable, and healthier place. Learn HOW TO APPLY.


Every year since 2003, ACTION FOR NATURE has sought to recognize and reward young people who are taking action to solve the world’s tough environmental problems.

Youth from countries around the globe send in their stories and explain their work. Then a panel of judges including experts in environmental science, biology and education determines the year’s top achievers. Each ECO-HERO AWARD WINNER receives a cash prize, a certificate of achievement and other benefits. 


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Photo: Gabriela of Puerto Rico teaching students about local bird life.

Environmentally-friendly educational resources, green degrees, career paths, and top paying green careers for young ecologists. 

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Action For Nature provides resources for parents and teachers of ecologically-minded students who want to make a difference.

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